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Tap into a Calmer You!

Learn a life-changing tool that will move you from feeling anxious and overwhelmed, to calm and in control.

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Moms today are experiencing unprecedented amounts of stress, overwhelm, and uncertainty. It's almost like we've been sent to war without a weapon!

Well, I'm here to tell you my dear that you're not alone, and you're not crazy. I support busy mamas every day that are feeling the exact same way as you are.
I can equip you with a life-changing tool that will de-clutter your life...It's like Marie Kondo-ing your mind! And, best of all, I teach you how to utilize this powerful tool with your children so that you can stop telling them to calm down all the time, and finally show them how to do it!

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What is Tapping?

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  • Reduces anxious feelings, allowing you to be more emotionally available and present with your loved ones

  • Reconnects you with the body so you can "listen to your body whisper before it screams."

  • Calms the emotional part of the brain, so you can think clearly again.

Can't remember where you put your car keys, just to look down and find them in your hand?
Feel like you're going to lose it if you get "mommed" one more time, or have to answer one more question from your child?
You're not alone my dear.
The chronic stressors of motherhood can make you feel foggy, and like you're a Jenga tower...One more block, and you'll collapse! 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) "Tapping" is a combination of ancient Chinese medicine and modern-day psychology. By tapping on certain acupoints, the emotional part of the brain is able to relax, allowing us to feel less overwhelmed by our feelings and more in control of our minds.

Ready to learn more?

Get access to my comprehensive guidebook of EFT resources—a helpful companion for learning more about EFT Tapping! 

It's loaded with helpful websites, the latest research on EFT, my favorite Tapping books and videos, and so much more! So skip the scavenger hunt and reach out to me below for more info...


What clients are saying!

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"Though I've never met Casey in person, within minutes of beginning our first session via Zoom, I felt her warmth and caring spirit coming right into the room with me. She's helped me uncover and let go of some deep emotional issues. 

She's also taught me how to use tapping for everyday life stresses and to create more confidence and joy. Casey can absolutely help you move past emotional blocks keeping you from your full potential. I'm grateful every time we have a session and I highly recommend her."

—Jamie | Missoula, MT

Let's Get Social!

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I’ve partnered up with a dream team of super moms that show up LIVE weekly in our FB Group to provide you with:

  • healthy recipes 

  • yoga/ meditation practices

  • information about the powerful tool of EFT Tapping 

This is a safe space for you to ask questions, connect with over 1,000 other moms, and feel really supported during this difficult time.

Want in on the action?

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Certified EFT/ Picture Tapping Practitioner + Former School Counselor 

After being introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping, my entire life changed. I felt like there was finally something I could DO when I experienced stress. I felt in control and SO incredibly empowered by this tool. I also began utilizing it with my kids, and noticed huge shifts with them as well! 

I feel blessed to have learned the life-changing tool of EFT, and honored to now share this gift with others! 

(317) 690-5543

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