Empowering You And Your Family 

With A Life-Changing Tool

Want to learn more about

EFT Tapping? 

I've created a "One Stop Shop List of EFT Resources" just for you. 

It's loaded with books, websites, videos, etc. so you can skip the online scavenger hunt!

Are you ready to feel Calm 

and in control?

EFT "Tapping" is a stress reduction tool that immediately calms the mind,

allowing the brain to think clearly and more positively... 

It's like being handed a pair of 20/20 vision glasses after you've been walking around with blurred vision your whole life!

So if you're ready to stop feeling anxious and overwhelmed all the time, and start feeling calm and in control...

And then, best of all,

be able to share this amazing tool to your family...


I’ve got you mama, and I'm here to help you!

"I felt like I was holding onto a winning lottery ticket...

Other moms and kids needed to know about this tool!"

I had gone through some stuff, we all have... Am I right?

But, like many other moms, I had buried all that stuff deep inside because I was busy going through the motions. I was a robot on auto-pilot... Surviving my way through motherhood instead of actually enjoying it!


After learning how to “tap,” I felt like I had finally been handed the manual…

You know, the one you thought they’d hand you the day your child was born. I felt calmer, more in control, and best of all, it was a tool I could use to help my kids as well!


A Little More About Me...

My background is in psychology and school counseling. I have years of experience working with children, and also have two kiddos of my own. 


After experiencing the benefits of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping for myself, I became inspired to share this powerful tool with other moms, so that they can feel calmer and more in control as well!

I then teach them how to introduce it to their children…

EMPOWERING KIDS with a tool they can use for whenever they experience stress!!


Let's face it, turns out momming is way harder than we all expected.

But I'm here to help you AND your family!

Casey introduced me to "tapping" and I can say that for me, as well as for my daughter,

it has been LIFE-CHANGING!


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