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The Mothering Freely Menu

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The Free Sample

Discovery Call

FREE (15 min)

Want to chat about my services and find out how EFT can help you? Then this is the option for you! 

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EFT Tapping

101 Session

$149 (60 min)

The Appetizer

Want to learn more about EFT and how to "tap"?

Through this session, you will be equipped with EFT as a self-help tool as well as gain a basic understanding of how you can utilize it

to begin transforming your life. 

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EFT Tapping 101 Session +

2 Follow-up EFT Sessions


The Main Course

This package is for those of you who recognize the importance of self-care, are excited about the many benefits of EFT Tapping...

And let's be honest–who doesn't love a good deal? I support you in working through anything that is interfering with your ability to rock it right now as a mom. Together, we'll apply EFT to resolve any blocks you're having, so that you can finally move past that old story and begin writing a new one! These (3) sessions can be used anytime within a year.

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The Kids Menu

The Mothering Freely Online Course


This course is a Tapping toolbox that's loaded with strategies, printable notes, and helpful demonstrations...Everything you'll need to introduce Tapping to YOUR child.

To purchase this course, you'll need to have a basic understanding of EFT Tapping. Contact Casey for more details regarding this offering.

Let's Work Together

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If you're ready to stop feeling anxious and overwhelmed all the time, ready to start feeling calm and in control–and then best of all– be able to share this amazing tool with your family... I've got you mama!

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The very first thing I ever tapped through with Casey was pretty big & emotional, and despite my hesitancy, EFT really made a difference.


- Lindsey | McCordsville, IN

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