EFT Resources List

Hey Busy mama,
Interested in learning more about EFT...
But feel overwhelmed by how much info is actually out there?

Want to save yourself hours and hours of endless

googling and searching for the latest research on EFT?

  • Did you hear about EFT from a friend or workshop and it sounds really interesting...But you're skeptical and would appreciate seeing some solid research to back it up?
  • Have you experienced EFT for yourself, know it's for real, and now want some books and resources on how to share it with your kiddos?
  • Are you ready for change, think EFT might be able to help you, but don't know where to even start?

Well my love, you're in  luck!

I've been there, and I wish someone would've handed ME this list years ago!

It would've saved me so much time, and we all know how valuable our time is as moms... Am I right?

So this is exactly why I created "Casey's One Stop Shop List of EFT Resources!"


I’ve read all the books, searched through all the EFT websites, watched all the videos...

And then picked out the ones that I thought would be most helpful for YOU and YOUR family!

Are you ready to start learning more about this powerful and life changing tool, and be handed a clean and concise list where you can do just that?

With this list, you will have access to:
  • The most reputable EFT websites
  • Helpful books, videos, and even music you can use to share EFT with your kiddos
  • Info on where to find the latest science and research involving EFT

Are you ready to dive in, and finally get the answer

as to whether EFT is a fit for you and your family?

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