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When I grow up

Updated: May 13, 2019

When I Grow Up

I let guys walk all over me, but they weren’t the only ones.

I was nice. I was calm. I was polite. I was fun.

He destroyed me, I hugged him goodbye…

She humiliated me, I excused myself and cried.

I was a good person, but what I was best at…

Was holding it all inside.

But you, you’re so different! When you get angry, the whole world hears.

When you yell out of pure rage, I have to cover my ears!

But I admire you, you’re not afraid to let it out,

You’re so brave, so raw, so strong, soooo loud!!!

You terrify your father when you really let go,

He worries about you as a teenager, but he just doesn’t know.

I get it, you’re so powerful, such a warrior… I see you!

You’ve taught me so much, but there’s still so much work to do.

Each day, I’m getting closer, and I’m finding my voice too,

Because one day, when I grow up... I want to be just like you.

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