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"Casey introduced me to "tapping" and I can say that for me, as well as for my daughter, it has been life-changing! My oldest, Jensen, is prone to stress and was unconsciously doing it in class the other day (she's a sophomore) when her teacher called her out and asked her what she was doing and to explain it to the class. Pretty soon they were ALL tapping! 

Thank you, Casey!!!"

Mandy | Fishers, IN

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"Though I've never met Casey in person, within minutes of beginning our first session via Zoom, I felt her warmth and caring spirit coming right into the room with me. She's helped me uncover and let go of some deep emotional issues. 

She's also taught me how to use tapping for everyday life stresses and to create more confidence and joy. Casey can absolutely help you move past emotional blocks keeping you from your full potential. I'm grateful every time we have a session and I highly recommend her."

Jamie | Missoula, MT

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"I just wanted to let you know that I have been utilizing the tapping I learned from your workshop all day because I get really anxious due to the weather. Long story short, we've had multiple water issues in our basement for some reason and it's really affecting me today in terms of the rainfall. Thank you for introducing "tapping" to me, it's really been helping!"

Meg | Indianapolis, IN

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"The very first thing I ever tapped through with Casey was pretty big and emotional, and despite my hesitancy, EFT really made a difference. Since then, I've used EFT for big issues that come up, as well as tons of smaller ones. I am so grateful to have learned this amazing modality.

The moment I found myself tapping in the car without even thinking about it, I knew EFT had really made an impression in my life! It's so easy to do and makes an immediate and last impact and is such a great tool to have in my mental and emotional health arsenal."

Lindsey | McCordsville, IN

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"For anyone reading, my daughter struggled with feeling extremely anxious last year, we were having tears every single night before bed. I worked with Casey with my daughter only 4 times and we've barely had a hiccup with this since... This technique works!!"

Angie | Noblesville, IN

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"Casey was absolutely fabulous. Her warm welcome and friendly persona made me feel comfortable right away. We decided to do a Zoom meeting due to living in different cities, which worked out great. I felt very connected throughout the practice.

We tried a simple round of tapping that showed me a physical example of how EFT works (stretching/tightness in my legs). I feel this was a great way to start the practice because sometimes it's hard to understand how the mind works and changes due to it being a different type of muscle. She walked me through each step of the process and then allowed me the freedom to just speak and tap when the situation presented itself. 

EFT is incredible and having Casey walk me through it was so wonderful! I would completely recommend Casey. It's totally worth any time and effort you put towards it. She will be there to support you each step of the way.

I am looking forward to continuing sessions with Casey and getting an even deeper understanding of EFT. You can do it anywhere and is a fantastic natural way to relieve any uncomfortable thoughts or feelings you may be having."

Emilee | Davidson, North Carolina

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"Casey, your visit to our MOPS group spiraled my husband into his healing journey, restored the marriage I thought I was about to lose and gave me my best friend back. It wasn't instant and it isn't over, but after trying tapping and reading the book, my husband started actually articulating complex emotions he had stuffed down. He tapped and came to healing revelations about his past and his mindsets. He tapped and I literally saw him fill with joy instead of anxious feelings (visibly on his face). And he tapped and stopped resorting to nervous habits or sleeping for hours upon hours every day. When I talked with you, he would sleep 14-20 hours a day. He still has a lot of healing, but now we have this resource and I am so grateful. 

I just wanted to say thank you. And thank you for the work you're doing. It has reshaped our family and our family tree for the decade. Keep up the good work! (Here's us happily celebrating our anniversary via quarantine)"

Megan | Fishers, IN

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"OMG Casey, your course is a game-changer for me as a Mum. This week, I had to take my daughter to a hospital appointment. On our way there in the car, she told me she was nervous about the appointment and the fact that they might have to do tests and she'd never had any before. Immediately I knew what to do: I got her tapping. She loved it, the tapping actually made her giggle and her anxious feeling dissipated so fast. Her appointment went really well and she was relaxed even when she had blood taken for the first time.

I can't tell you what a relief it is to be armed with such an amazing and easy to use tool to help my child. You're the best!!"

Cori | Bournemouth, UK

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"I am 38 weeks pregnant and have been having anxious feelings about planning a natural birth. My previous deliveries were induced and I had epidurals. I also set a goal to be successful at breastfeeding this baby. I was not successful with my other 2 kids because of my own insecurities and lack of sleep.

Casey worked with me to help me overcome these anxious feelings and fears. After just one session with her, I had a sense of release and felt I can accomplish a natural childbirth and breastfeed for the long term. Casey gave me a tapping plan for during labor that my husband can help me focus and work through the pain as well. 

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and have any anxious feelings or worries/concerns, I highly recommend contacting Casey to help learn how you can channel your energy and work through whatever you are experiencing. Thank you, Casey, for providing me with an amazing tool during this time!"

Jamie | Indianapolis, IN

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"During our session, Casey was warm, inviting, and present. I felt extremely comfortable delving into issues from my past that I had difficulty discussing with therapists. She explained everything I was going to do and she taught me to tap out my emotions well. It was so smooth, so surreal to feel the feelings literally bounce around in my body. We were working on anger and I had tension in my gut. I tapped it out. I then had tension in my lower back. We tapped it out. I then felt buzzing and burning in my left knee, and we tapped it out. All of the tension disappeared.

She taught me how to tap so that if/when they came back, I could tap them out. I thanked her a million times and left the session feeling so LIGHT and so WONDERFUL.

I went to work that afternoon only to realize that the sinus pressure I had been dealing with all summer long was also gone. I thought it might have been a coincidence, but 5 days later and still ZERO SINUS PRESSURE!

I can't thank Casey enough for teaching me the tools to let these feelings GO. I felt anxious about traffic recently, and I just started tapping away my feelings. I can't believe how effective and QUICK it is. I love knowing that I have this tool for whenever I feel anxious, and I have the power to let loose the trapped feelings that are stuck in my body.


I highly recommend that everyone try EFT. I can't explain it enough how light I've felt all week. I feel like the energy in my body is now free-flowing and I feel so FREE! I think "free" is the best word to pinpoint how I've felt all week. 

Please, please do yourself a favor and contact Casey. She is so sweet, so authentic, and so easy to sit and open up to. If traditional counseling hasn't worked for you, then you are the perfect candidate. If you want to ease anxious feelings, then you are the perfect candidate. If you just feel "stuck" and you aren't sure why, then you too, are the perfect candidate. Seriously, just make your first appointment and change your present, forgive your past, and feel free in your future."

Autumn Chittum-Vestal | Indianapolis, IN

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